EXIT to "Workforce Architecture"

FORTUNE analyses the needs of its clients, taking into consideration the specific competition conditions of each client, and targets its solutions to be so detailed and quality as that of workforce architecture. FORTUNE Workforce Architecture Approaches will be your partner to overcome the impasses that you experience and to maximize efficiency.

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The development objective of the Privatization Social Support Project is to support the achievement of the objectives of the Government's Privatization Program, mitigate the negative social and economic impact of the privatization of state-owned enterprises, and monitor the social impact of the Economic Reform Program.

Fortune has executed five PSSPs in different cities under the management of ISKUR and KOSGEB.

Labor Redeployment Project:

The objective of this component is to provide labor redeployment services to workers who have been displaced by the privatization of State-owned Enterprises to assist them in rapidly re-entering the labor market.

Labor Redeployment Projects consist of;

  • Job Counseling
  • Placement Services
  • Labor Retraining
  • Business Advisory Services

We are happy to execute two LRPs in Istanbul and Eskişehir under the management of Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR).

Consultancy Support Project for Small Sized Start-ups:

(Entrepreneurship Project) The objective of this component is to provide entrepreneurship consultancy to entrepreneur who are willing to open up their businesses.

Entrepreneurship Projects consist of;

  • Consultancy Services
  • Training Services  

We are happy to execute three Entrepreneurship Projects in Istanbul, Osmaniye and Mersin under the management of Small and Medium Industry Development Agency (KOSGEB).